How often do you lose focus and concentration?

You might have to adopt a few changes in your daily life if you do not have clear focus and concentration.

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To begin with, Focus and Concentration are two distinct elements, but serve similar values.

Unless you carry out a task in your routine that requires minimal brain power, you might as well have clear focus on what you do.

Be it talking to someone at home, or attending an important meeting at work — nothing beats the ability to focus!

Why is it really necessary to keep focus on what you do in your daily life?

In a single sentence — To successfully complete tasks in your daily life.

But, people tend to lose focus too often!

Average attention span of an adult is a mere 8 seconds.

In general context,

Losing focus means, an individual having issues in focusing or concentrating on a certain task below than the average measured time.

Also, based on studies,

It is proven people in general have a lesser span of focus and attention than in just 20 years ago.

The eight seconds mentioned above is the current average span of concentration a healthy person possesses.

To add an element of surprise, just in 2000, the average was 12 seconds.

Interruptions to routine activities are not a good sign for maintaining focus.

Constant interruptions have just the same effect as loss of night’s sleep.

Researchers often compare span of concentration and focus of humans with a Goldfish — yes, it is sad!

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You might most probably be suffering with an inability to focus and concentrate, if you have,

An unsettled mind

Difficulty being seated for long

Inability to remember things that took place a short while ago

Difficulty performing complicated tasks without a hassle

But if one has above symptoms, they are better off keeping an eye on the following factors as well:


Lack of Sleep

Irregular eating patterns


Adding a side note: High consumption of alcohol also act as a catalyst for losing concentration and focus.

Overcoming the adversities could sound a little daunting, but will be worth, because a high attention span could mean a lot for both personal and professional life.

Below are few recommendations to help increase focus and concentration, hence increasing the attention span:


You read it right — sleep.

People do not tend to care much about sleep, but it has a price to pay. A part of it comes as not being able to focus well and concentrate on daily activities.

The recommended number of hours per day is between 7–9 hours.

Just as it recommends, having rest of the work aligned for the day in a way the sleeping pattern is not disturbed is — crucial.

A quality sleep means, a person has had adequate of two different phases of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) — the deeper stage of sleep in which one dreams— and non-REM, where it manages the lighter stages of sleep of each individual.

Sufficient sleep is a simple caveat for one to step-ahead in developing more focus and concentration in daily life.


Reading makes a man perfect, at least in this case, just to help a man gain more focus and concentration on routine work.

And obviously it is not about the morning digital-reads and social network, but tangible books and papers.

Reading can not be interesting just as much as scrolling the screen from top to bottom checking out the newest post of your friend. Nonetheless, adding my personal opinion, the idea is to make a person stick to a reading pattern so they can build up the story increasing focus and concentration along the way.

The book could be of a favorite science fiction or an interesting novel. As long as the core idea is understood, adding a good 20-minute read is a clear plus for improving focus and concentration.


Meditation obviously has a long list of positive added to life, and it indeed serves much for improvement on focus and concentration.

Just to give things a start, a three to five minutes of daily meditation brings much peace and calmness to the body, hence assist in improving focus and concentration.

“Watching the clock”

Just about the right amount of focus is needed to develop your focus and concentration skills, when one plays “watch the clock”.

Rules are simple,

It starts with the second hand of the clock going past 12, and one should not get distracted throughout the time the second hand goes past 12 again.

As you improve with less distractions bothering you in the game, the “game-time” could just be changed as needed.



Focus and concentration are two distinct factors that affect people carry out routine work and activities. It includes both personal and professional work which needs much concentration in solving complex queries and practical scenarios. People, in general, take keeping focus and concentration for granted and face the consequences.

Just when you find yourself in track, focus and concentration are two factors that needs utmost attention for a successful run.

It is always best, we make sleeping, reading and regular things in life that bring peace closer to us than what is miles or millions away and apart from us.

About Author:

I am an Associate Business Analyst dreaming to pursue a career as a writer, all the while learning the basics and advanced techniques in writing — one day to be a aspiring and inspirational writer.

My medium handle is Muad Arshad where you can find out articles I have written on random topics, life experiences and tech-based roles.

Reach me on twitter through @muad_0911 and on LinkedIn through Muad Arshad!



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